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    Next table value if null

    Andrei Miruta

      TIME                              FILENAME          VALUE1               VALUE2


      2012.11.26 00:01:17AAEU.csv01.29662
      2012.11.26 00:01:17INEU.csv1.29670
      2012.11.26 00:01:18AAEU.csv01.29666
      2012.11.26 00:01:19AAEU.csv01.29669
      2012.11.26 00:01:20AAEU.csv01.29669
      2012.11.26 00:01:49AAEU.csv01.29669
      2012.11.26 00:02:02AAEU.csv01.29671
      2012.11.26 00:02:02INEU.csv1.296710
      2012.11.26 00:02:07AAEU.csv01.296855
      2012.11.26 00:02:08AAEU.csv01.29681



      Hello, is there any function that can help solving following issue?


      I have a range of values which i want to compare by time,


      I need the following logic: If row value equals to zero, then take previous value which is not equal to zero.


      I've tried previous function, but I made mistake in the formula, as I am not familiar with creating counters. And looks like some kind of counters should be created there to pick the right value avove.


      =IF(VALUE1=0,previous(VALUE1),VALUE1 as VALUE1_COUNTED,


      Would be very thankful for any hints.