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    Updating field names in MultiBox using Macro

    Vladimir Komarov



      I need to populate a MultiBox dynamically and update field names per pre-defined list.


      Any suggestions how to do it efficiently?


      Here is the sample macro:


      set MB = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("MB01")


      MB.AddField "mpt_id"

      MB.AddField "Project_Full_ELT"



      mbp = MB.GetProperties

      mbp.MemberAttributes.Item(0).Label.v = "Project ID"

      mbp.MemberAttributes.Item(0).SortCriteria.SortByState = true



      mbp.MemberAttributes.Item(1).Label.v = "Project ELT"

      mbp.MemberAttributes.Item(1).SortCriteria.SortByState = true



      MB.SetProperties mbp



      Is it possible to have table (similar to Mapping table approach) that I can use to AddFields and UpdateFieldLabels dynamically instead of "Hard-coded" version above?  


      I would appreciate any suggestions.


      Best regards,