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    Transformation step deleting my labels



      I'm extracting an excel sheet into a QVD in my EXT file.


      then I load it in my TRA file, and I use the typical filter that erases the rows in which the first "column" is empty:


      FROM $(vRutaDatos)DB_ABCD_Ext.qvd (qvd, filters( Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(null))) ));



      but, right after that when i get to see the final step before getting the code, all the labels of the fields have been destroyed and changed into the @# values, at which, my reload procedure has trouble, because those are not the names of the fields in the qvd, so, it does not find any single one of them.


      so i can't reload


      thanks for your time!