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    Pass parameter to tasks in QV 11 Publisher

      Our core application uses a QVD load to populate a series of QVW's. In our QlikView 8.5 installation we make extensive use of the Repeat Task feature so that we can define an input parameter once per publisher job and have it passed into each of the QVW's we are reloading as part of the Repeat Task. We are in the process of migrating our app to QlikView 11 and it appears that we have lost this functionality.


      Specifically I believe we can no longer have a single task per job in which we define the input parameter, then add several other tasks to the job and have them "inherit" the parameter. Rather, it appears that we have to set up each task to use the same input parameter. Essentially where as we once hadto set up 28 tasks (20 Repeat tasks that call 4 Reloads and 4 Distributions), I think we now need to set up 80 tasks (Reload & Distribute for each of the four QVW's multiplied by the 20 clients we publish our app for). This seems like a major step backwards, so I am hoping that there is a solution that I have yet to uncover.


      Any suggestions are welcome. If I have not provided enough detail, let me know and I can expand on how our app handles the input parameter as it is passed in from Publisher.



      Jim Young

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          Bill Britt

          You need to look at the Script Parameters under the reload tab of the document. I think this is what you are looking for.



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              I don't think I stated that well. I'll use pictures to help make it clearer what we're trying to do. This image depicts the job we run to publish our apps for a project with the code "ZD":


              In each of the tasks within this chain (except the last one which is an External System Task), we have configured the same input parameter on the Reload tab, like so:



              In QlikView 8.5 we were able to define the input parameter once on a Repeat task and have it passed down to the Reload and Distribution tasks, like this:



              I'm trying to find a way to avoid having to define the input parameter for each QVW (ScoringDataLoader, ScoringClientDetail, ScoringClientSummary, ScoringInstitutionDetail and ScoringInstitutionSummary) for each of the 21 projects that share this codebase across three environments (DEV, QC and PROD). If I have to follow the model I've found to work so far (Screenshot #1) that means I'll have to go through and manually configure the input parameter 315 times (21 projects X 3 environments X 5 QVW's). I'd like to avoid that.