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    Qlikview integration to BW vs. "straight" source integration

      Hi all,


      My question is that should the Qlikview be integrated

           a) only to the DW

        • All the data from ERP is sent to DW and Qlikview integrated only to DW
        • When report is opened, data would be fetched from DW

           b) sources integrated straigt to Qlikview

        • Qlikview does all the calculation, optimization and data warehousing
        • ERP, DW etc. would daily make a data load to the Qlikview reports


      Which way would be more efficient and faster to users in use? Consider 50+ users, 40+ reports, daily usage, significant amount of data (retailing). And of course I would prefer fast user experience.


      I would really appreciate your input to this topic.



        • Re: Qlikview integration to BW vs. "straight" source integration

          I think the best approach would be to fetch all the data from the DWH, to keep all data, transformation on one place. I have tried several different approaches, but allways found out that there are much simpler to have the data, business rules, transformations rules within the database. The advantage in the long run, is that it will be simpler to maintain. In the prototype phase, I think it would be easier to use the source directly, if you haven't the data in the DW. I know companies using QVD:s as a DW solution as many QV applications are using the same data, to lower the impact of the database load and I think thats a good approach, but the main source to all QlikView applications should allways be the DW.


          Keep it simple is a good approach, especially when you are implementing the logic in the client. Avoid using conditions and set analysis as much as possible, especially when you have huge amount of data; try to solve the problems in the LOAD stage or earlier in the DW.


          But thats just my opinion.