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    Group by not working for Fact table



      I am getting an error field not found- End User Key     while applying Group by.


      Note : I already have that column in Fact table (Fact) coming from tmp1_trans table.

      Code :

      LOAD *,
      If([Invoiced Date]>=SDB1 and [Invoiced Date]<=EDB1,1,0) as Flag1,
      If([Invoiced Date]>=SDB2 and [Invoiced Date]<=EDB2,1,0) as Flag2,
      If([Invoiced Date]>=SDB3 and [Invoiced Date]<=EDB3,1,0) as Flag3

      resident tmp1_trans;




        load [End User Key] ,

        sum(Flag1) as F1,

        Sum(Flag2) as F2,

        Sum(Flag3) as F3

        resident Fact

      Group by [End User Key]




      Am i using correct group by syntax for qlikview.Could you please help.

      Thanks in advance.