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    Peek function in charts

      Hi guys,


      Is there something similar to the peek function in charts.I know theres an above function for charts but thats no good for me on this ocasion.


      Basically i want to use the last row and do some computation with the current row and so on for the entire data set.


      Any ideas?





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          Stefan Wühl

          The chart inter record functions were my frist thought, also, please look into above(), below(), top(), bottom() etc.


          Why is this not appropriate in your case?

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              Ill give you an example which will explain why its not appropirate. I have a table with  two fields, Date and Net_VALUE. Using an input box the user will select two dates which will be the upper and lower bound. I basically want to calculate the % change in Net_VALUE between two coresponding dates using the upper and lower bounds.

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                  Stefan Wühl

                  So it's more like a lookup of two values by two dates?


                  If your Net_VALUE is unambiguous per date, you can try something like


                  only({<Date = {'$(vDate1)'}>} Net_VALUE)




                  only({<Date = {'$(vDate2)'}>} Net_VALUE)


                  to return the two Net_VALUE values at the given dates (I assumed you are using two variables to store the selected Dates from the Input box).


                  Something like this?



                  You might need to set the format in your variable to your Date field format, QV is sometimes a bit picky when using date / time formats in set modifiers.



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                Deepak Vadithala



                Which object are you using (Assuming Pivot Table)? As suggested by Stefan you can use Above() function. Please provide the sample QVW file and expected result and one of us can provide you the solution.


                Good luck!