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    Stacked bar chart without multiple expressions for categories



      I have had a look through the mutitude of bar graph questions but couldn't find a solution to this. Apologies if I have missed it.


      I am trying to create a stacked bar chart showing a total of letters sent by letter type with a line for cumulative total cost (these are my 2 expressions). The dimension is date.


      Creating a non stacked version with just total letters sent as a bar and total cumulative cost as a line works fine - however I am unsure how to stack the bar chart to show a breakdown of letter type without creating an expression for each letter type. This isn't practical as I believe it means each time a new letter is added I will have to maually update.


      Is there a way I can add letter type to the dimensions to have a stacked bar showing total letters sent and the contribution of each letter type to this total as well as having my cumulative cost line?


      Thanks in advance.