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    QVS with 8 processors or more

    Ricardo gerhard

      I´ve a customer that will be necessary buy 3 servers with this specification therefore simulation in Qlikivew Deployment Simulator.

      Is there a limitation to use a QVS in a enviroment with more then 4 processors, like 8 processors? Anyone know about something about it

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          There's no limitation, however performance improvements taper off above 4 processors. The reason, in short, is (1) the processors need to communicate and (2) memory is divided into "local" and "remote" areas. The costs of processor communication rise exponentially with more processor cores. The cost of remote memory access is far higher than local memory. More cores may be a better option because memory is local to the processor, and cross-core communication is much faster than cross-processor.

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            Hampus von Post

            Hi Ricardo,


            The answers have been posted by Pablo and Jay.

            There is no limitation on CPUs or Cores for a single server.

            A single CPU can have up to 10 cores (maybe more?)


            There is however as Jay mentioned some drawbacks when using servers with more than 4 CPUs.

            Mainly the amount of instructions and data shuffled between the CPU is getting limited by hardware bottlenecks.


            The general recommendation is to use 2 or 4 CPU servers due to this.



            Hampus von Post