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    color coding for each bar in the bar chart

    Siva Dandu

      Hello friends,


      i have to display the trend chart(bar chart for 12 months data) in 3 different colors (red, green, amber) depends on the threshold value(RAG values).


      Dimension : Month


      =Sum ([Abs (FTE)])/Sum ([Avail (FTE)])


      and the value of  backgroud Color property of this expression is


      =if( Sum ([Abs (FTE)])/Sum ([Avail (FTE)]) <3.79 ,RGB(69,234,21), if (Sum ([Abs (FTE)])/Sum ([Avail (FTE)])<4, rgb(255,128,0), RGB(255,0,0)))


      But iam getting one color for the all the months, Please check the attachment for the reference.




      Please help me.