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    Set Analysis : operator on modified identifiers ?



      I would like to know if something is possible through Set Analysis.


      Let's take an example:


      There is a KPI for all months of the last three years.

      We want to display the value for each last month of each year (december 2010, december 2011, november 2012)

      To make it easier, let's say that November is stored in the variable "MyMonth"


      Can I do something like : sum( {$<Month=12, Year={"<$(=max(Year))"}>} + {$<Month={$(MyMonth)}, Year={$(=max(Year))}>} KPI)



      More general, can I use operators this way : sum({$<.....>} + {$<.....>} KPI) ?


      If it is possible, what would be the syntax ?


      Many thanks