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    Macro - create button to set variable

    Christopher Murrell


      Just a quick question and I hope someone can help.

      I am trying to make a macro which creates a new button and sets the action of this button to update a variable setting.


      So far I have got the below which creates the button, names it and inserts the name of the variable to be updated but I cant seem to work out form the API what i should do next to insert the new variable value?


      set newbutton = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.CreateButton

                set prop = newbutton.GetProperties

                prop.Text.v = "Remove"


                set ButtonActions = prop.ActionItems


                ButtonActions.Item(0).Type=31 'Macro Varible set

                set ActionParam=ButtonActions.Item(0).Parameters




      I am not sure what should come next...something like?



      Thanks for your help!