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    Changing color in multiple sheets

    Nicola Perrone



      I have to change the color of all the objects in all the sheets of a document, so I change the color in the active/inactive header settings (tag Header in Documents Propriety) and the color of the cursor bars and the borders (tag Presentation in the Documents Propriety), but all the object of the sheets didn't change at all (as I expected).


      The second problem is that I'd like to change the tag color setting of all the sheets, but I didn't find where I can change this parameter in the global setting: have I to change this color sheet-by-sheet?


      Does anybody help me, please?


      Thank you very much.

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          Nirav Bhimani



          You want to apply same property for all object then select the source object and then select format painter from tool bar and move object on which have to apply same setting.



          Nirav Bhimani

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              Nicola Perrone

              I've tried it, but not all the properties has changes (e.g. the cursor bar colors didn't change...I don't know why).


              However, doing so I should pass object-by-object with the format painter for every sheet of every document, so it takes me a long time to do.


              I'd like to know if there is the possibility of change all object a-time, by setting the document's property (so I should make the changes only once for document).

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              Peter Cammaert

              Q1: Document Properties->Caption sets default values for all objects created subsequently.

              You can use themes to change colors globally. See Object Properties->Layout for "Theme Maker" and "Apply Theme" buttons.


              Q2: With "tag", do you mean "tab" of a worksheet? In that case you can change the tab color for a single sheet in Sheet->Properties->General->Tab settings, and propagate those new colors to every other sheet by clicking the "Apply to All" button.





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                  Nicola Perrone

                  Very good for the answer to Q2 :-)


                  I tried to make as you suggest for the Q1 and I create a Theme ad hoc with the characteristics that I'd like to set, but when I apply it on another document, only the sheet background and the tag setting are replaced; the active/inactive header color setting, the border color setting and the cursor bar color setting are not replaced.


                  Note that in the color theme wizard I specify all the properties to be included on the theme.