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    Below Function

      Hi guys


      What is the difference between Below(Field) and Below(TOTAL Field)..???

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          Johannes Sunden

          Total will give you the total over the current dimension.. or a specific dimension if you use Total <DIMNAME> Field.

          Note that if you just use a fieldname and not a function like sum/avg/min/max etc. I think you won't see any difference with the two examples above.

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              Hi Johannes


              can you also explain me that what is the difference between RowNo() and RowNo(TOTAL)???????

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                  Johannes Sunden

                  If you have a pivot table with two dimensions:

                                 Rowno          Rowno(Total)

                  A     X      1                    1

                  A     Y     2                    2

                  A     Z     3                    3

                  B     X     1                    4

                  B     Y     2                    5

                  B     Z     3                    6


                  Hope this makes sense (and looks ok in formatting when posting )