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    associate chart with filter selections;restrict tables which populates chart

      Hi All,


      I have a scenario where I have a number of partners and period in months.

      One chart displays subscription partners and two other tables populate vod and ppv partners respectively.

      Each of this has separate queries, but the alias i.e. 'Partner' is same across all.

      As a result of this, the chart that is supposed to display only subscription data is displaying vod ppv partners as well,

      though the expression fields are null.

      This happens when i give the expression if(rowno()=0,avg(UNITARYCOST_SUBSCRIBER), sum(UNITARYCOST_SUBSCRIBER))


      if i just give =sum(UNITARYCOST_SUBSCRIBER),

      this problem does not arise.



      Second doubt.


      I have a chart with the only dimension being month.

      but the data displayed varies when I make partner selections as well.This is again because all the queries share the same aliases.

      Is there any way I can detach a chart from particular selections?



      Thanks and Regards,

           Anju Gopinath