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    How to filter out certain matching data?

    Paul Nockolds

      Hi All


      QV11 SR1


      I have data in the following format...




      So each Customer can have from 0-4 jobs.


      I need to be able to show in a straight table or whatever, customers that have more than 1 different type of job.


      So in the example data above i would need to show CustID 1,2,3 but not 4 (only one type of job).



      I would also like to suppress jobs that are the same, for example


      For CustID 1 i would just show SomeJob1 (once) and SomeJob2

      For CustID 2 i would just show SomeJob2 (once) and SomeJob4

      For CustID 3 i would just show SomeJob1, SomeJob3 and SomeJob4

      CustID 4 would not be shown at all


      Any ideas welcome this is driving me slightly mad