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    Comparing Dates in Set Analysis Problem

      Hi ,



      i  have a date field eligibility_date  which has a date in 'DD-MM-YYYY' format    my table structure is



      e13442 04-05-2012



      i want to write an expression  which will return me the count(itemcode)  falling between  a month lets  say 'X' and  count(itemcode) a on month 'X-1' ie .


      current expression is




      its giving null values .  my  condition is that i want  records for elibility_date and records for elibility_date-1 month .


      i also tried count(if(date(ELIGIBILITY_DATE,'DD-MM-YYYY')<=MonthStart(AddMonths(ELIGIBILITY_DATE,-1)),itemcode,0))

      but i required a set analysis based expression


      Any Solutions ?


      Thanks and regards ,