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    After upgrading to QV11 SR2 system is unstable

    Andreas Karlsson

      Hi folks,

      After upgrading to QV11 SR2 last week we have been forced to performed restarts every day. Qlikview server is just not responding, today it showed "No server".

      The installation has a separate machine for the QVS which also holds an IIS.

      Today the memory usage was very low (4-9 GB) when the server had hanged before it have reached 25 GB.

      175 users/ 50 applications

      Nothing special is written in the logs. The only thing I see is when it happens is this: qvpx: Exception while handling request

      and the 2nd time (when the "No server" message appeared) it hang today it said first

      14:11 qvpx: Exception while handling request

      and then

      14:42 Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Internal inconsistency, type D, detected.


      Any hints?

      Just don't want the customer to force me to reinstall QV9 again but they are discussing it.