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    visual indication

      Hello everybode


      I have a excell sheet with som number, a total and an average




      in Qlikview i made ta table of them and want qlikview to highlight the numbers (color green and bold) if the value is above average, and red and bold if belowe average.


      when i select only one row i got it working numbers above avg are green and below are red (hard to see)


      but when a select more then one value it goes wrong. al numbers turn red. What am I doing wrong???


      I put the expression for the average between (   ) in the box for visual indication Top and Bottom.



      anybody ????


      Help would be very welcome


      regards Ed

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          send sample file or write here list of dimension and expressions in your chart

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              dimensions are the days of the week (monday-sunday)

              and I have for each day 3 koloms with numbers (A, B and C)


              in the chart the dimension is weekday, expressions A,B,C,Total,Average

              weekday     A     B     C     totalABC    averageABC




              expression in the chart I use; sum [A], sum [B], sum [C], (Sum ([A])+Sum ([B])+Sum ([C])) and (sum ([A])+sum ([B])+sum([C]))/3


              for the visual indication i use the formula ((sum ([A])+sum ([B])+sum([C]))/3)

              if i select only monday it works fine

              if i select monday and tuesday it won't work


              i use the personal edition so i cant open file's from other user

              grtz Ed

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              Go to the Expression tab and click on the + in front of the expression A and click on Text Color. In the textbox for Definition put this expression:


              Do the same for the other two expressions, if(sum(B)>= ...etc and if(sum(C)>= ...etc