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    Calculating column percentage



      I just started using the Microsoft Internet Explorer-based Version of QlikView (Version 11) and need your help with a calculation in a table.


      I have defined a table with the columns "Month", "Business Unit", "Count" and "%" as follows:


      Tabe percentage.JPG


      The column "Month" shows the last three month of the report, the "Count" shows all customer-calls of a business unit. The column "%" needs to show the results of the calculation "Count" per "Business Unit" per "Month" divided by the total "Count" of all "Buiness Units" per "Month" (e.g.: 6/1947 = 0,31%).


      As I could not figure out the correct code to realize this calculation, I have implemented a static caluclation that works for one month only:




      ticket_year_month = {"$(='>='&date(addmonths(date(monthStart(Today())), -3), 'YYYY-MM')&'<'&date(monthStart(Today()), 'YYYY-MM'))"}>





      As I need a solution for this calculation to be dynamic (as described above), I would like to ask you kindly to help me with fixing the formula.


      I thank you very much for your support and am looking forward to hearing from you!