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    Need help. How to load data

      Hello together,


      i am quite new to QlikView and i have a big problem:


      I have this Data:


      106:001<-- check in
      208:001<-- check in
      115:002<-- check in to break
      116:003<-- check out of break
      218:000<-- check out
      118:000<-- check out


      ID ist the ID of a worker


      TIME ist when they check in with different STATUS


      1: in

      0: out

      2: in break

      3: out of break


      How do i get the working time of each worker?!

      How do i get the time for each break?!


      I would be so glad if you could help me!

      In the Attechment my data.



      Of course you dont have to do my work.

      But maybe someone could help me out with some tags, so i can find the Formulas I need in the help.

      Thank you very much!