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    Build table

      Hi guys


      How can I build a custom table?


      Here is an example of what I need: I need to construct a table with 5 rows and 3 column. The first column are only strings like "Total" or "Total Sales". In the other column is supposed to be some calculations (expressions) for each row.



                                         Store 1          Store 2

      Total of items sold:           123                  465

      Total of money earned:      123                  465



      You have to consider that these values are calculated by an expression.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,


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          Stefan Wühl

          Are Store 1, Store 2 (and presumably Store 3) values of a dimension?


          Then just build a standard straight table with this dimension and your 5 expressions (for calculation of 'Total of items sold' etc), and use the 'Horizontal' option (checkbox) in presentation tab.