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    Set analysis Problem-Where to add in extra set analysis

    Helen Pippard



      Could someone kindly help me write some set analysis. The below syntax works and is near to what I want to achieve, but I want to add some extra syntax in


      I want to add where



      This Works




      =Time(RangeFractile(.95, $(=Concat([Total Wait], ',') & ',' & Concat(CONCLUSION_WAIT_MINS, ','))



      This does not work

      =Time(RangeFractile(.95, $(=Concat({<RunMonth = {$(=Max(RunMonth))}, [Patient Admitted?]={"1"} >}[Total Wait], ',') & ',' & Concat({<RunMonthEye = {$(=Max(RunMonthEye))}, [ADMISSION_FLAG]={"Y"}>}CONCLUSION_WAIT_MINS, ',')))/1440,'hh:mm')

      I have added in the following

      [Patient Admitted?]={"1"} >} in front of [Total Wait] and [ADMISSION_FLAG]={"Y"}>} in front of CONCLUSION_WAIT_MINS, but the syntax returns a Null value

      Can someone kindly help me put the right brackets in the right place to incorporate both [Patient Admitted?]={"1"} >} and [ADMISSION_FLAG]={"Y"}>}