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    Set analysis in a graph

    Helen Pippard



      I have the following set analysis which works O.K in a Text box, and the result return 02:03




      Time(RangeFractile(.5, $(=Concat([Total Wait], ',') & ',' & Concat(CONCLUSION_WAIT_MINS, ','))


      I want to use this set anlysis as an expression in a graph.  My dimension to plot against this againist is called Main_Week.  However the graph currently shows 02:03 for every week.


      Could someone kindly help me write the correct syntax so the graph changes for every week





        • Re: Set analysis in a graph
          Stefan Wühl



          the dollar sign expansion is evaluated once per chart, in global context, so won't take your dimension values into account.


          If you could create a single common field from [Total Wait] and [CONCLUSION_WAIT_MINS], you could use fractile() function without a dollar sign expansion, instead of the current solution.