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    Load Script Problem

      Hi guys


      I have a big issue here... I have to load some excel sheets to my QVW doc. However, there's a problem! I have two main tables (almost with the same column names) one for 2011 and another to 2012 and then I have my aux tables to match the codes in the main tables. The problem is: when I try to load the script, the QV does connections between the two main tables and that is something I don't want. As an example:


      Main tables: DB1 ; DB2

      Aux table: A, B ,C



      Cod_A, Cod_B, Cod_C, PriceX, TotalY



      Cod_A, Cod_B, Cod_C, TotalZ


      Aux Tales A, B, C would include the mapping of Cod_A, Cod_B and Cod_C.


      What I need is to avoid that QV does references the Cod_A, Cod_B and Cod_C between DB1 and DB2. I want DB1 and DB2 independent from each other!


      I hope you can understand the problem.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,


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          Mark Sheraton

          Not sure I really understand but sounds like you could be describg when tables are concatanted automatically if they have the same coloum headings, you can avoid this using the NoConcatenate keyword.

          If this dosn't help can you provide a more complelete sample of your scrpt.



          load *

          Resident x;




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              No, they have almost the same headings but they are in different sheet in my xls. I have to load then separatetly, not concatenate then. However, as almost of the headings have the same name, the QV make connections between the two main tables... I want to avoid that. BD1 and BD2 has connections between aux tables but must not have connections between themselves...

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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              You're almost certainly better off putting both source tables in one target table together with a field to determine where the record came from. Qlikview will work better if you do. If you feel you must have two separate tables, you'll have to rename fields in one of the two tables so qlikview can't associate the tables.

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                Mark Sheraton

                If you go down the route of seperating the tables another way to rename the field names is to use the quality keyword:




                QUALIFY *;

                UNQUALIFY KEY;



                load * Inline [Col_A,, Col_B, KEY






                load * Inline [Col_A, Col_B, KEY