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    R6025 pure virtual function call error - QV11 SR2

    Trevor Roth

      I have a few users reporting the R6025 'pure virtual function call' error when they browse to accesspoint. They browse to accesspoint and it starts to render but before it's finished and the QVWs are displayed the R6025 error message appears and crashes IE. After they restart IE they can use QlikView normally until the next day when the same issue appears again. They are using QV11 SR2 with Internet Explorer 8 (32-bit) and the plug-in (32-bit).


      So far only ~5% of my user base is reporting this issue and they are all at the same physical location. Most of my users are outside of that physical location and are not reporting this issue. The issue occured immediately after an upgrade to QV11 SR2. This location might have different machine/user group policies applied to it than the other locations, but other than that the images of the machines should be nearly identical.


      QlikTech support is telling me they think it's environmental and told me to check .NET runtime versions on the machines affected (I'm working on this now). Has anyone else had this occur? What should I focus on as possible causes?