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    Performance issue

      I am loading 2 tables and performing inner join between them....

      first table is coming from qvd which has 555,000 records(1 yr of data)

      Second table is a sql query which has 1,530,000 records(5 yrs of data)


      I am trying to load only 1 yr of data from sql query table(2nd table) with respect to qvd table(1st table), But when I am doing inner join its loading 1st table in 1 minute but when it comes to 2nd table its checking with 5 yrs of data and taking time....


      I am wondering is there any way to give condition on 2nd table with respect to 1st table,where 1st table is qvd table and 2nd table is sql table.......

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          I think I am not clear, I want to go deeper and explain you guys...


          In first table I have a field refference Id


          In second table I have Refference Id and some other fields.....


          I want to join two tables on Refference Id....


          I am doing 1st table Inner join 2nd table....but here I want to load data from 2nd table which same refference Id in 1st table...In Qlikview when I do inner join its loading  1st table and also fetching all records from 2nd table while script execution.....


          Is there a way other than inner join  to join two tables with my given  conditions......

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            You can use the where exists condition on the second table to read only that data which is existing in the first table (assuming your first table loads 1 year of data and has a key field that is used to join both the tables).



            The syntax should look something like this:



            Table 1:






            from Table1;


            inner join (Table 1)

            //Table 2










            from Table 2

            where exists (ID,ID);


            Hope that helps.