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    Chart will not always sort by fiscal month


      This is my first post to QlikCommunity.


      My chart should show the number of hours for each month in a fiscal year.  And the chart should show the months in fiscal year month order.  October = 1, November = 2, through September = 12.  The part that doesn't work is the chart does not always show the months in the correct order.


      The chart has one expression to reset the selection from a selected month to a fiscal year.


          calendar.fiscal_year = {"$(=max(calendar.fiscal_year))"},



      The sort tab in the chart uses a fiscal month number to sort.  October = 1, November = 2, etc.





      If no selection is made, the months are shown in fiscal month order

      If a month is selected, the months are not shown in fiscal month order.  And the order of the months varies depending on the month selected.


      How can I force the months to always appear in fiscal month order?


      The attached qvw shows what happens.  It has two sheets.  The sheets show the same issue, but they have different data models.  I simplified the data model in sheet - Model 2, to try to isolate the problem.


      The excel is the data behind the QVW.



      The examples in the QVW are just a starting point.  Additional expressions, data sets and selection criteria will be added once this issue is figured out;



      Thank you,