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    Macro to create Multi box with Alternate State

    Christopher Murrell

      Hi, I am creating a Multi box in a Qlikview Macro using the below code. Now I would like to set this T1 field to be an alternate state so that I can have 2 copies of this Multi box looking at the same field which are unlinked.


      Can anyone help on how to do this?



      set MultiBx = ActiveDocument.ActiveSheet.CreateMultiBox

      MultiBx.AddField "T1"

      MultiBx.SetPixWidths 80,100


      prop = MultiBx.GetProperties

      prop.Layout.Frame.ShowCaption = false 'no caption

      prop.MemberAttributes.Item(0).Label.v = "T1 Field"


      MultiBx.SetProperties prop



      Many Thanks in adance.