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    Task Schedule Analysis



      I'm trying to get a detailed breakdown of the Qlikview tasks that run internally within my organisation and I'm wondering if there are any specially designed applications that can aid this, or even just some general tips as to how to effectively do this? I currently a number of monitors, e.g. QV10SystemMonitor, but what I really want to see is the task scheule for a particular time period, i.e. month, week, day, and whilst these applications are useful it doesn't give me a summary that I require as the log files only seem to be stored for the last time the application was reloaded and distributed (can this be changed on the server to have every log file stored, not just the latest?).


      We have a mixture of hourly, daily, weekly and monthly reloads which is why I would need a history of all reloads, not just the latest.


      Any help/advice would be much appreciated.