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    Aggregating/grouping by four rolling weeks

      Dear all,


      I have a script which is grouping, by yearly week, sales per product.


      LOAD ONLY(CalendarWeekOfYear) as WeekDemand,
      Sum(LQORD) as WeekQtyOrd
      RESIDENT Orders
      GROUP BY CalendarWeekOfYear, ICSKU;


      I would like to obtain also, a sum of the 4 weeks before, and the 4 before and so on, in other words:


      Today, week0.



      week -1 > week -4

      week -5 > week -8

      week -9 > week -12




      Is there a simple way to achieve this in the script?

      Maybe with rangesum and before?

      I have been browsing a bit about aggregated sums, but I couldn't find any hint about grouping a rolling bucket of n weeks.