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    Script: Aggregate Orders based on Product and have a comma-separated String for Product-Configuration

    Daniel Wewerka

      Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


      I would highly appreciate help on the topic below.


      I've got Excel Spreadsheets, which have Orders with Products. Every Product could have different Configurations.


      100001Maschine 1A
      100001Maschine 1E
      100001Maschine 1W
      100001Maschine 2B
      100001Maschine 2J
      100033Maschine 1C
      100033Maschine 1D


      I would like to read in the Data with the Qlikview Script, that it looks like the following:


      100001Maschine 1A, E, W
      100001Maschine 2W, B, J
      100033Maschine 1C, D


      Is it's somehow the opposite of the subfield function. Is ther any chance to this?


      Thank you very much for your help in advance,