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    calculated date

    steve peroni

      Dear all,

      I'm trying to calculate two dates starting from the selected date, but I'm making some mistakes.


      I've a list box with the operation date

      Choosing a date, I would display into a graph, the total operations for the selected date, the total operation for 7 days ago and two weeks ago, like this:



      Nr.Operation for select.date         Nr.operat.                              Nr. operat.

      30 november 2012                      23 nov 2012                         16 nov 2012

                100                                        110                                        90


      I tried the following:


      count({<Operation_DATE={$(=only((date(num(getfieldselections(Operation_DATE))-7))))}>} OperationID)


      but it doesn't work, it doesn't recognize the calculated date


      Help please


      Thanks in advance