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    Advance filtering via GUI: exclude all possible values

    andries Bos

      I would like to filter all items where a name does NOT exist in group 10.



      When loading this 'source' document as-is, it would result in 6 records.


      I would like to filter all result for group 20 and 30 , but exclude results that also exist in group 10. If name = 10, always skip this name from result.


      The result should only contain Jack and Rob : John does exist in group 10 and should not be added.


      If I filter on group 20,30 , 'John' would still show up as he exist in groups 20 and 30. Could this be done via the GUI ?


      I know I could add advanced filtering via the Ctrl+shift+ F, but only on one column-value. Would this be a solution? My final result should also depend on some other boolean values.