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    Stdev and statistics table problems

    Matan Chalamish

      Hello all.

      First - sorry for my English, but I will try to do my best...


      Please look at the attached qvw file.

      I have a fact table with data of manufacturing rolls.


      I have 2 problems.

      1. Summay Statistics Table:
        I want to create straight/pivot table instead of the collection of text objects, that I have in my qvw file.
      2. Stdev Problem:
        You can see in the attached file that has a three fields of thickness measurements.
        I want to do a "Standard deviation" on all the data from this 3 fields (SampleThick1, SampleThick2, SampleThick3 ) together! 
        See excel file for details.
        If it's possible to insert this to the table from problem no. 1 it will be excellent!
        I was try with variables and concat etc... - but without of success.


      Many many Thanls -