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    Chart value not affected

    ali ceyli


      I have an access db in that from one to thirty three columns

      and they have "v","G""sI","NA" values in these columns


      in script side ı wrote this statement


      if(BIR='G',1,0) + if(IKI='G',1,0) + if(UC='G',1,0) + if(DORT='G',1,0) + if(BES='G',1,0)

          +if(ALTI='G',1,0) + if(YEDI='G',1,0) + if(SEKIZ='G',1,0) + if(DOKUZ='G',1,0) + if(ON='G',1,0)

          +if(ONBIR='G',1,0) + if(ONIKI='G',1,0) + if(ONUC='G',1,0) + if(ONDORT='G',1,0) + if(ONBES='G',1,0)

          +if(ONALTI='G',1,0) + if(ONYEDI='G',1,0) + if(ONSEKIZ='G',1,0) + if(ONDOKUZ='G',1,0) + if(YIRMI='G',1,0)

          +if(YIRMIBIR='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIIKI='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIUC='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIDORT='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIBES='G',1,0)

          +if(YIRMIALTI='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIYEDI='G',1,0) + if(YIRMISEKIZ='G',1,0) + if(YIRMIDOKUZ='G',1,0) + if(OTUZ='G',1,0)

          +if(OTUZBIR='G',1,0) + if(OTUZIKI='G',1,0) + if(OTUZUC='G',1,0)  

           as [G Sayısı]

      This means from 1 to 33 if columns have G value in those column sum all of them

      and [G Sayısı] is used in expression in chart


      I wrote same statement in script side for each values (SI,G,NA,U..)

      and chart I didnt put any dimension


      But when ı select one of these values on chart they are not affected 

      if anyone wants I can attach QW files