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    Restarting Qlikview Services daily?



      I'm seeking a bit of advice/steer in relation to whether we should restart Qlikview services on a regular basis. We have encountered issues recently where the memory is consistently at 75% of total memory on the server and this remains the case overnight when users rarely use any application. There are also regular reloads that fail every day which I'm confident are tied to the memory issue. The document timeout is currently sitting at 6 hours and by changing this timeout it could help the memory situation.


      In an organisation I previously worked at there was a scheduled task to restart all the Qlikview services overnight and there were rarely any memory issues encountered and very few reloads that failed. I suppose my question is do we implement restarting the Qlikview services overnight, or change the document timeout first and evaluate the affect of this before going for the overnight restarts? Or is there something else that needs investigated?


      For information we use Qlikview 10 SR3.