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    QV report availability on AccessPoint in DMS authentication

      Hi All,


      We have recently moved from NTFS to DMS authentication mode in Qlikview 11 Sr2 version. We have one requirement to categories the users group in a way that, one user group would be able to see set of report; though more report are deployed on the server. once users from that group login into Accesspoint only reports for that group is authorized, should be available to see not the other reports.  can we achieve this in DMS authentication? I am sure that we can provide documents CALs to group or user under User Documents Tab. Would it be sufficient?

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          Peter Cammaert

          If you can enable DMS, that means that you're using an Enterprise Edition QVS, correct? If you also have a QlikView Publisher, you can now distribute (see Source documents-tab) documents to users or entire groups, or authorize  (see User documents-tab)  users or groups to view certain documents and not the others.


          The simple fact that you grant specific users access to documents in this way, makes them visible in the AccessPoint. Users that have not been granted access will not see a document in the AccessPoint.

          This access is managed by DMS in local files that are kept together with the published documents.


          Assigning a license to users will not by itself grant access to documents (except when every document is distributed by default to "All authenticated users")


          IMHO you cannot assign CALs to groups, only to users.