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    Adding Dimension for Pie Chart

    Jareb Patriquin

      In the attached example we are calculating the movement of products in the past rolling year. If there is at least one  sale per month it counts as "1". A product becomes popular when it reaches the "12" level, similarly a product is not popular when value is in the low end (ex. 0-3).


      I need to show this as a Pie Chart...0 to 12 (clock format style). The twelve being colour coded green as a popular product and the 0-3 as red as not popular.


      Upon clicking on any section 0-12 the product should display on a seperate table chart. Each slice becomes  a selection.


      I am not able to get Qlikview to produce this. I believe the calculation would need to be in the script section and be used as a dimension. Or is there a better way? Feedback is welcome.

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          Rebecca Molstad

          It sounds like it would be easier to do this using a Gauge chart instead of a pie graph.  The one drawback is that it won't let you select a number on the chart and automatically filter your data like you want.  To get around this, I hid some text objects with 'Select in Field' actions.  See if the attached document is similar to what you are looking for at all.

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              Jareb Patriquin

              Thanks for your reply. We really need to show the data on the chart. So if there are 20 products that had a 10 month movement we would see the data somewhere on the chart, thats why I thought the pie would be better as the slice would grow per amount of products with value=10, though as a pop-up over the slice would be fine. Your example is smart but really a data selector, it doesn't really show/visualize the data amounts on it. Here is a picture of the "idea". Went through a lot of people to see if they can replicate this in Qlikview!


              Movement chart.png