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    Expression help for Conditional Show/Hide


      I have two charts superimposed and at any time I need to show only one of them.

      The condition determining which one should appear is determined by column Company having only 3 values A, B and C.

      I have a list box that is used to filter on one or more values among the three.

      When nothing is selected or when C is selected Chart 1 shows


      if(Company = 'A' OR Company = 'B'  OR (Company = 'A' AND Company = 'B'),0,1)

      Alternatively I have also tried this

      if(Company = 'A' OR Company = 'B' ,0,

      if(Company = 'C',1 ))


      When A or B or Both A and B are selected Chart 2 should show

      if(Company = 'A' OR Company = 'B',1 ,

      if(Company = 'A' AND Company = 'B' ,1,0 ))


      Now when I select either A or B Chart 2 shows up but when I select both A and B, chart 1 shows up.


      What am I doing wrong?


      Any help would be highly appreciated.