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    Table Column Computations

      Hi everyone!


      I have a problem where in a straight table. I have a new column that is computed through the values of 2 other columns.


      Example: Column1 is Sales Gross Margin; Column 2 is Inventory Gross Margin; Column 3 is the difference between Sales and Inventory Gross Margin.

      For the initial formula for Column 3, I used the headers: 


      [Sales Gross Margin] - [Inventory Gross Margin]  


      This formula works. However, the column headers may change depending on which language was selected.  I use FieldValue to get the appropriate translation for "Sales Gross Margin" and "Inventory Gross Margin". However, I can't figure out how what to do so that the formula above would be arbitrary to the current translation. For example: If the current language is Spanish, the formula above would have the Spanish header for "Sales Gross Margin" and "Inventory Gross Margin".


      Thanks for all the help!