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    Help regarding qlikview server

      Hi folks,


      I need to access the qlikview doucment using Access point. I have set up the path of qlikview documents in the server. All I need to do is to access the qlikview files using qlikview access point. For that, do I need to assign Document CAL in user documents or do I need to create a task in source documents and give my user id in the 'Distribute' option of Task creation. Please advise.



      Many Thanks!


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          Johannes Sunden

          Just assign Doc CALs for the document in Management Console under User Documents.

          If you setup a distribution task to push the document from Source Documents to User Documents, make sure that you at least distribute to all authenticated users (you can of course also specify specific users/groups and these need to be given Doc CALs to access the document assuming Doc CALs is your specified delivery license)

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            Hugh Cox

            Anyone having problems with getting straight forward QVW accessed over the web, for immediate gloabl distribution, can use the QlikView In The Cloud option available from Rosslyn Analytics.

            Register, upload your QVW (trial version has 10Mb limit) and see it immediately over your browser. Rosslyn take care of the Server issues.