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    [10] Examples of Javascript Macro

    Nicolas Stefaniuk

      Hello all.


      I am searching for tutorials and examples for javascript macro. Not Extensions, only macros. I know javascript a bit but, really, I don't see how to interact with Qlikview interface and data model.


      All threads about that in the community say "You can use javascript instead of VB script for macros, but I have no example".


      I have spoken with at least 2 Qlikview experts and both have advised to replace VB macro by javascript macro (and even to stop using macros, but that's not the point). According to the roadmap of Qlikview (no more IE plugin, full web integration, Extention in javascript, development through web), I think it's time to test macros in javascript but I can't find any good example, on the web or in document reference.


      Thanks a lot