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    is ".Status" a reserved word?

    andries Bos

      I used to read a DBF file via ODBC, but as soon as I name one field is named 'Status' I get an ODBC error.


      if (AANWEZIG ='0', 'In depot',
      if (AANWEZIG ='1', 'Verhuurd', ''))    AS Container.Hist.ContStatus,


      if (AANWEZIG ='0', 'In depot',

      if (AANWEZIG ='1', 'Verhuurd', ''))    AS Container.Hist.Status,


      The second option would result in an "OBDC read failed" error. When changed to Container.Hist.Status2 it works fine.


      Is the word ".Status" a reserved work in any case? Would the period 'matter'; I though  the period would help to define a unique name.



      AANWEZIG   AS Container.Hist.Status,

      would result in the same eror. The problem is not in the equation.