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    PDF distribution - data explosion

    Henrik Matz

      When using the PDF-distribution module, I have noticed that for every loop and reduce a file called document.qvw is stored in a temp-folder.


      The file is by default stored in a sub-folder to C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\DistributionService\1\temp.


      I my case I would like to e-mail a report from a qvw document and loop and reduce on a field separated from the data-model (an island table). So when the loop and reduce is executed, the amount of data will be almost the same for each loop.


      The file is almost 1 GB and since I have about 200+ reacceptance, the QDS will create files of total 200GB for each time I Execute this task!


      1. Can the document.qvw file in the temp-folder being automatic deleted during the loop and reduce?
      2. When does the QDS clean up the temp-folder?


      A work around could be creation of a special data-model for this purpose to lower the amount of data, but that is a lot of work