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    Issue with Data structure

      Hi Everybody.


      I come to you to explain my issue wih my data structuring.


      I use QV to connect to our ERP to get information about sales and accounting. Both software are working together within the same database.


      So I have the same table to describe all the customers and suppliers (TIERS and FOURNISSEURS).


      With the current structure I'm able to extract the sales and the corresponding cost of goods from Entetes and Lignes tables. But I have an issue on the one hand when I want to grab the cost of associates services (as transport for example) from accounting tables (CPT_Ecriture) because they are not directly associates with the sales selection but with accounts table (FOURNISSEUR), and on the other hand, I have a problem to sort the accounting data to the sales calendar. If I make a selection for sales in 2012, and I make a selection with the 1{} modifier in set analysis to select costs in accounting, they do not aggregate by months or even year.


      Here is my current model to give you the structure.


      Any help to optimize it will be much appreciated.