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    How to find Last row in a given column of excel sheet using Qlikview macro

    Sriharsha Pillarisetty

      Hi All




      I am very new to Qlikview 


      Is there any way to find the last used row in a given column of excel sheet by using the Qlikview macro I used several VBA code as well as the vbscript codes


      some of them are listed below but none of them worked


      1. ExcelWB.Activesheet.UsedRange.Cells.Find("*", [A1],,,xlByRows,xlPrevious,,,).row
      2. ExcelWB.Activesheet.Cells(.Rows.Count, FirstCell).End(xlUp).Row
      3. ActiveSheet.Range("B:B").Cells.Find("*", searchorder:=xlByRows, searchdirection:=xlPrevious).Row


      Please help me