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    Occupancy rate

      Hello QVer,

      I'm calculating occupancy rates of beds per day and then it is of interest to look over calendar weeks, months aso.


      I'm showcasing two charts (straight table + bar chart):


      Selected are two OEFA (AMED + BMED) and the calendar week = 2+3 (equal to 28 occupancy days). The OEFA can have varying assigned beds over time.

      I'm using the same formula in both charts to calculate the weighted occupancy rate:

      =sum(CASES/OEFA_BETT)/count(distinct KL_DATUM)

      Straight table shows the cumulated rate (94,49%) of 28 day corresponding to 2.+3. calendar week.

      In bar chart I want to have the cumulated rates of selected OEFA per selected week(s) which is

      2. week = 93,64% instead of the summation of 187%

      3. week = 95,34% instead of the summation of 191%


      In practice I'm using a set formula and I tried a lot.

      Can someone help please? Thanks.