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    HTTP link in local Qlikview OK, link on server not OK

    Hendrik Ruijter

      Qlikview version 9.00 SR6.


      According to examples, I used Settings->Document Properties->[Triggers][Field Event Triggers][OnSelect] and added "RunMacro" and "OpenURL".


      sub OpenURL

          if  ActiveDocument.Fields("Review").getSelectedValues.Count = 1 then

              ActiveDocument.GetApplication.Launch ActiveDocument.Evaluate("Review"),""

              ActiveDocument.Back  'Go back so we don't do the selection

          end if

      end sub


      Table Box.


      This works when I click in the field "Review", containing one URL, in my local copy of the .qvw file on my machine.

      When the .qvw file is moved to the server location it is the default behaviour of selection instead of following the link.

      Please, can anyone explain if there are security options to set in order to allow macro execution in the server environment?


      Chart Properties->[Expressions][Display Options] Representation Link

      This works on the server.