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      Hope someone can assist out there.


      The exercise which I am doing is to plot the various regions where mailings have been done. In addition to this I need to plot response rates where this is available. I have 4 data sources, 2 of which have response rates. The problem I have is that the information is not plotting for any regions whre there is infomation for both response and no response. Effectively where a region occurs twice in the data.



      Data Souce 4 -- In this instance the data will plot fine as no response information


      Beaufort WestDec 2012-31.906623.068432
      BloemfonteinDec 2012-29.037126.98103797
      East LondonDec 2012-32.427627.63957524
      GautengDec 2012-26.131528.090897501
      GeorgeDec 2012-33.943922.28426151



      Data source 2 -- however this data will not plot as response information is available.


      Beaufort WestAug 201010-31.906623.0684196
      Beaufort WestAug 201011-31.906623.068433
      BloemfonteinAug 201010-29.037126.981032956
      BloemfonteinAug 201011-29.037126.98103228
      East LondonAug 201010-32.427627.639572714
      East LondonAug 201011-32.427627.63957163
      GautengAug 201010-26.131528.0908928642
      GautengAug 201011-26.131528.090891617
      GeorgeAug 201010-33.943922.284261330
      GeorgeAug 201011-33.943922.28426124



      I've attached the files being and the qlikview template. Hope you can assist.